Do you have …

  • High turnover?

  •  Poor performance?

  • Frustrated employees?

  • Inconsistent profitability?

  • High hiring costs?

Then you NEED our hiring assessments.

HR evolution has partnered with 360Solutions to offer many valuable assessments and survey tools that can be used for hiring the right employees, gaining insight from workgroups and uncovering development opportunities for individuals and organizations. Over 25 years of research and development have gone into our employee assessment system to ensure that you have fast, accurate, cost effective and EEOC and ADA compliant results.

We Invite you to take the assessment so you can experience what I’m talking about


Typically it takes 5-7 min to complete. Just as important, it’s really fast and easy for the hiring manager to use!

Upon receiving the results I will send them to you so, you can see your profile and how it works.

Remember too, that there are no good or bad results; just how you rated in each of the areas measured which, correlate to behaviors in certain environments and roles.

From a 30,000ft perspective here is how it works to benefit you… Benchmarking is a key component! Have you ever found yourself thinking, “If I only had 10 more of John or Jane this place would be…” (Fill in the blank – more productive, more efficient, more wealth generating, etc.)

It would be great to be able to clone our superstars, right?

While we can’t clone them, right now we can identify those characteristics that your most productive people have in common; giving you another tool in the hiring process.

How cool is that? You can hire, develop and create succession plans and knowledge management systems based on matching the applicants’ characteristics with the best in your organization.  With these assessments, all the content is generated for you, providing a model laid out in such a way that, even the most novice manager can follow.