Resume writing

A Resume may be the most important work document you own, when you consider it is the key that opens or does not open doors that enable us to pay for our homes, food, cars and well basically everything else.

It is easy to see why job seekers would spend a lot of money to market themselves to future employers when one puts it in this context.  I’m here to say, that you can have your cake and eat it too with HR Evolution’s  proprietary system for resume writing, you receive a proven format and professionally written resume for a fraction of the cost of my competitors.

Over the span of 20 plus years in Human Resource Management, I’ve reviewed several thousand resumes and worked with hiring managers to identify what they seek in quality job candidates.

HR Evolution Resumes speak to and focuses on your core skills as well as identifying your differentiation factor, what makes you special and why employers NEED to hire you!

Styles of Resumes

Resumes traditionally are written in three major styles chronological, functional and blended.  Chronological is the most common and is formatted to list most recent job experience first to your earliest experience.  The Functional Resume downplays job experience and focuses on skills and competencies.  The Blended resume incorporates the best of both chronological and functional and minimizes the detriments of each.