Career Transition Consulting

Career Transitions can occur throughout the career lifecycle, not just the recent graduate seeking their first career role, career transitions take place throughout one’s career and anytime one seeks to explore a new role.   The majority of persons in the workforce are in career transition whether realized or not and therefore the importance of being prepared is critical.  Competition for highly qualified candidates will always be strong and will only continue as jobs begin to become more plentiful that persons to fill them as is expected beginning in 2018, when more of the baby boomer population continues leaving the traditional workforce.

HRevolution has a number of resource and product supports available to individuals as and organizations. 

Professional Resumes and Cover Letters– HR Evolution customize each resume and cover letter, using best practices to market candidates.  Our highly engaging staff collaborates with clients to ensure every need is met and to position the client to standout amongst the crowd of competition!

LinkedIn profiles– Bottom Line, if you’re not using LinkedIn as part of your career search arsenal, you’re missing the train.  Employers are increasingly using LinkedIn as a no-to-low cost solution for reaching quality candidates.    LinkedIn also has the added benefit of “appealing” to the employer through a diverse and well articulated profile.  What does your LinkedIn profile say about you?

Interview Skills Training– Now that you exercised the career search tips HR Evolution provides free of charge and your foot is in the door with a professionally written resume and, you must sell yourself in an interview.  The most popular type of interview is the Behavior –based style, wherein the concept is past behavior is a strong predictor of future behavior.  Behavior-based interview questions actually read as statements.  For example, “Tell me about a time you encountered an irate client. What did you do?  What was the result?”   Notice this is not a hypothetical question asking you to tell me how would you respond “if” type of question.  No, behavior-based asks you to think back to a similar situation and tell me about what happened. 

Learn the HR Evolution formula for answering as employers want to hear interview responses,  in a way that demonstrates a high-level of competency!

 Networking Skill Development– Did you know 75% of job place placements are made through word of mouth, despite the prominence of technology and online application systems?


However, if I had a nickel for every time I heard said, “I hate networking.”  Or “I don’t know how to network”… well… you get the picture. 

HRevolution provides its clients with the ability to network like a master and feel more comfortable doing it too! 

“Elevator” Speeches – If you’re not familiar with the concept behind an elevator speech and hence the namesake, imagine this:  You walk into an elevator and the only other person in the elevator is the Manager for the position you’ve been wanting, aching, jumping out of your seat excited for and here you have an opportunity introduce yourself and state why you would be a good fit for the position and make a connection with the manager.  Think about it.  You have 30 seconds to connect and impress.  Can you do it without jumbling your words or leaving out important facts? 

HR Evolution works with you to develop an elevator speech to WOW! 

Video Resumes- Who are they best for?

Candidates applying for positions, in which there is significant competition, have been long term unemployed, changing careers or just seeking to stand out are doing so through the use of technology and video resumes.    The Future of Employment Marketing is HERE!  Embrace it now and edge out your competition today!