Human Resource Consulting

Relationship of value: HR Evolution takes a collaborative approach to listen and help identify workforce and individual career growth needs. It is through addressing core questions and a focus on results that, we create a customized plan of action for all our clients.

Organizational Development- Grow without taking the time to plan? 

It’s OK we’ve all been there.  We are responding to day-to-day and quarter-to-quarter goals and rarely take the time to develop long term plans that guide where we want to go rather than be swept away by the current of short term crisis.

HR Evolution specializes in helping organizations design their strategic plans and align their human centered-operations to realize strategic and financial results

HR Evolution Organizational Consulting Service Offerings include:

“Avoiding Boomer Brain Drain”- Succession Planning

Organizational Assessments, HR Audits, Surveys, Mature Workforce Analysis, Group Facilitation, Mediation, Skills-Based & Leadership Training, Performance Management Systems Design, Employee Handbooks.

 Performance Management

Human performance management can be the most challenging and rewarding exercise.  Done well and your employees continue to grow, develop and ascend to greater levels of leadership and impact.  Done poorly entire cultures can stagnate with employees doing just enough to get by and not fired.

HR Evolution has extensive experience assessing, creating, developing and implementing performance management systems, as well as, altering existing systems to meet corporate goals.